This Swing Puts You To Sleep

By | October 4, 2018

It sounds so outré, does it not. It is like saying this story is going to put you to sleep. It is like saying that there is something boring on the way. Nothing of the sort. In fact, the warning is being made in a positive spirit, if that makes any sense to you. This happens when you are so gosh darn tired but can never seem to find the time or space for that ever elusive nap. Dare you try and slip off somewhere and someone in the house, not quite understanding and, it must be said, rather negative about it all, accuses you of being lazy.

indoor hammock swing

Nothing of the sort. They say that the afternoon power nap is rather good for you. You only need thirty minutes to an hour and then you have had your rest. And after that, you are raring to go. But where to nap is the thing. There’s no sun out and its pouring with rain. Happens a lot your way, maybe. So, the next best thing is an indoor hammock swing. How about that then. The thing is, there is nowhere else to go.

The master bed is off limits. You know who said so. Sleeping on the couch in the living room is a no-no. you know who is there too, and the TV’s bound to be too loud. No peace and quiet there. And in any case, sleeping on a couch is bad sleep posture. You’ll never fall asleep that way. For most folks with busy minds, sleeping during the day is not easy. It takes some practice. But flop into a hammock swing and let that swing gentle rock you to…. zzz…oh, this is turning out to be a rather nice dream.