Old, Clean, Glad Rags, Helping The Planet

By | October 4, 2018

Strange world to live in. Great. Your streets and public spaces look very neat and tidy. Your office environment is looking quite clean as well. And it’s the same thing when you get home at night. The apartment’s in ship-shape. But don’t you ever wonder. Don’t you ever wonder where all that mess went to? Once all that furious cleaning was done and dusted, just where did they dump all the rubbish? So far out of sight that you don’t ever need to see them, but they’re there alright. Doesn’t look like it’s going away any day soon.

Yes, it’s your landfill sites or, quite plainly, rubbish dumps as people in other towns would prefer to call it. It’s a site for sore eyes and it smells pretty bad too. It’s been said countless times that the world’s cities and towns need several planets to dispose their waste on if they’re allowed to continue dumping at the rate they do. Much needs to be done to clean up the environment. One of the most important cleanup areas is the landfill site. There are so many discarded materials that could be collected and recycled.

If not recycled as such, they’ll certainly be re-used, one way or another. Now, if you’ve been enjoying your spic ‘n span apartment all this time, maybe it’s time you appreciate it more. Dump the vacuum – well, not quite that, but anyway – and grab a bag of multi-purpose, domestic use, industrial use wiping rags. Hard to believe that something so simple as wiping bags do a far better job at cleaning your environment than the supposedly smart and sophisticated vacuum cleaners.

wiping rags

It’s true. These are rather special rags indeed. Reclaimed for those landfills, they’re’ helping to give the planet a new lease of life.