How to Organize a Toolbox

By | October 4, 2018

Tools and tool boxes are inherently messy. Tools, regardless of size, purpose, or any other method of keeping track of them will all get crammed into the nearest toolbox eventually.

Figuring out how tools should be organized is something that everyone needs to know how to do, and there is no one way on how to do that. However, the tips presented below can give some idea of where to start.

roller cabinet toolbox

Use a foam cutter

Foam liners enable workers to create shapes for their tools, so everything goes in one place, and it’s easy to pinpoint missing tools at a glance. This works better for larger workbenches and drawers, and buying a thick foam is only part of the battle.

Ensure that a layout is created, and don’t be afraid to use markers or other systems to mark up the foam so the areas to cut are well labeled and a return trip to the hardware store isn’t needed. Place large tools that might only be used for specific projects in the back, and tools that are used frequently in the front.

Organize tools by size, color, or the type of project, and then start cutting divots for them to rest in. The divots should conform to the shape of the tool, but also shouldn’t be too hard to pick up when the tool is actually needed!

Bring the box with you!

Finally, organizing all the tools with a roller cabinet toolbox can help if the tools need to be used in a wide space or work area. Having all the gear accessible on wheels and able to be moved around with relative ease will definitely prove valuable.

A roller tool box can help out with organization and accessibility, and will keep every single tool in its place!